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Florida law requires ALL Bail Bond Companies to charge the exact same fee. There is no price shopping – there are no negotiations. View the law.

The law requires every Tampa bail bondsman to have a license. View Ours.

The cost to post bail for your loved one is set by the State Of Florida at a rate of 10% of the total amount of the bond.

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You don't need to shop around!

Florida law requires that all bail bond companies charge the exact same fee. 
We're a licensed, professional, friendly, family-owned and operated Tampa bail bond agency. 

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Hillsborough County Jail

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Tampa Bail Bond Information

The state mandates a bond fee of 10% of the bail amount

The state mandates a bond fee of 15% of the bail amount Immigration and Federal bail bonds

You’ll need a valid ID to post bail

You’ll need to know the defendant's full name, date of birth, the county where he/she is detained and the amount of the bond

It could take 2-4 hours for the defendant to be released. The release process is controlled by the jail, not the bondsman.

We are conveniently located in Clearwater, FL directly across from the Pinellas County Jail which is located at 13584 49th Street N. #1-B, Clearwater, FL 33762.

We understand that "The Defendant" is someone's Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son Daughter, etc... And that's how they will be treated!

James Brennan Bail Bonds (The City of Tampa)

If you or a loved one wants to get out of the Tampa jail on Orient Road, but don’t have the cash to pay the bail, contact us. At James Brennan Bail Bonds, we can provide you with a bail bond securing your release from the jail in a maximum of 8 hours. We have licensed bondsmen in Tampa, available at your service round the clock 24x7x365. 

Here are some more reasons for using our Tampa bail bonds: 


  • Quick Release

We, at James Brennan Bail Bonds, have a solid understanding of the bond administrative process. Besides this, we have good professional relationships with individuals working in the system. All this allows us to ensure the quicker release of the detainee, within four to five hours. However, in some situations, it can take up to 8 hours. 

  • Protects You from Selling Your Valuable Assets

Some detainees opt to sell their most precious assets to raise money for the bail amount. Therefore, due to the urgency of the situation, they end up selling their valuable assets at throwaway prices. But it doesn’t have to be in your situation. Contact our bail bondsman in Tampa to pay your bail amount and get you out of jail, instead of selling your precious assets like your home, jewelry, or your car.

  • Helps Avoid Financial Scrutiny 

Since the bail amount can be thousands of dollars out-of-pocket in an upfront payment, it may trigger a financial investigation. This investigation is carried depending on the nature of your crime. It is done to ensure that the money that you are offering for the bail amount is obtained through legitimate means, and not unlawful practices. However, if you take advantage of our Tampa bail bonds service, you can easily avoid financial scrutiny. 

Our bail bondsman in Tampa will post the bond on your behalf. We will ensure that the process is completed smoothly, and you’re out of jail in no time. No questions asked, and no financial investigation.

  • Ensure Confidentiality 

You can run the risk of someone identifying you if you post the bond by yourself. Therefore, if you want to maintain confidentiality, then you should work with our bail bondsman. We will take care of the entire bail bond processing on your behalf, making sure your release is quick, smooth, and carried discreetly. 

  • Get Legal Benefits 

Additionally, our bail bondsman will make your life easier. Our agent has a wealth of experience in this domain and has a good know-how of the ins and outs of the process, which otherwise can be incredibly complicated. As we understand the legal procedure and requirements, we can get you or a loved one released from Tamp jail while ensuring that they have a good understanding of what to do after release. This legal knowledge is vital to expediting the process, and also, benefits you as you proceed with the court case.

To learn more benefits or for bail bondsman services, feel free to contact us today! We’re only a call away. Let’s make your or a loved one’s release as smooth and fast as possible.

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Paying for Tampa Bail Bonds

Worried about how you can cover
a $10,000, $50,000, $100,000
or more bail?

Tampa Bail Bonds

James Brennan Bail Bonds is writing bail bonds in Tampa.  

Use our experience to your advantage.  James Brennan Bail Bonds has licensed bondsmen in Tampa and will begin working on your loved one’s released as soon as you call.  Our agents are available at any hour of the day, any day of the year, 24/7/365.

Many bonds can now be completed online or over the phone.  No travel required.  Ask about this when we speak.  Call us at any hour of the day and speak to our licensed, local bondsman: (813) 644-3942.

Common questions about Tampa Bail Bonds:

How long does it take to get someone released?

Typically, the process takes 1-8 hours after a judge has set bail for a detainee’s release.  Tampa, in particular, has two very busy jails, so it can take up to 8 hours.  In our experience, typically 4-5 hours are standard for a detainee’s release.

Why should I hire a bondsman?

Hiring a bondsman is an important decision, and we take your trust in us seriously.  It is our goal to be your #1 recommended bail bondsman.

Our licensed bondsmen will cover the cost of the bond, minus the fee that you must cover.  This amount ensures that you will show up for your assigned court date.  Just as you trust us, we trust you to show up for your court date.  We will help you as much as we can, just ask our agents on the phone.

We have years of experience in the industry, and we have a tried-and-true procedure for getting bail bonds in place quickly to ensure that your loved one is not in jail one minute longer than necessary.

How much does bail cost?

In most cases, a bail bond will cost ten percent (10%) of the bail set by the judge.

If bail costs:                                        Then the bond will cost:

$1,000                                                                  $100

$10,000                                                                $1,000

$30,000                                                                $3,000

$100,000                                                              $10,000

This amount is the minimum set by law.  We charge what we must, no more, no less.  Any bondsman who says otherwise is in violation of state regulations.

The only exceptions to this amount are federal bonds and immigration bonds.  Typically those types of bonds will cost fifteen percent (15%) of the bail.

What information do you need to help me?

We can search with just someone’s name, but remember that this is Tampa, and many common names will require more information.  Think of how many people have the same names like John Smith or Juan Gonzalez.  The more details you can give us, the faster that we can work on bonding them out.  Help us to help you by providing us with the detainee’s full name, the detainee’s date of birth, what he or she was arrested for, any prior charges, and the date of arrest.

Where is my friend/ boyfriend/ wife/ cousin/ etc. being held?

Here is important information about Tampa law enforcement.

Tampa Jail
1201 Orient Road
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 247-8371

Inmate Search

Falkenburg Road Jail
520 N. Falkenburg Road
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 247-0234

Sheriff’s Office – Tampa

2008 E. 8th Ave
Tampa, FL  33605

Tampa Clerk of Courts

(813) 276-8100

Official Records Search

James Brennan Bail Bonds accepts:

Personal Checks, Money Orders, and Cash also accepted, ask our staff for details when we speak.

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