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Bail Bond Process

Florida Bail Bond Process

A bail bond secures a defendant's appearance in court. The bail bond process is simple, it is a surety contract between three parties; the principal (defendant), the state of which you reside, and the bail bond agent. Below is a list of frequently asked questions:


If you need to get someone out of jail, what to do first?

First, call James Brennan Bail Bonds at (727) 531-5000 so I can update you on the status of the defendant and explain the Bail Bond process. It may be difficult to get the information you need by calling the jail. In addition, you may not know what information is needed to begin the Bail Bonds Process.

What do I need to get someone out of jail?

This may differ per county but in Tampa, FL, Clearwater, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, Largo, FL, Palm Harbor, FL, Safety Harbor, FL, Seminole, FL, Brandon, FL, and the surrounding Tampa Bay areas. You will need a valid ID.  In addition, some minimal paperwork will need to be filled out and the premium, which is the amount needed to bail the defendant out.

How much does a bail bond cost?

The amount need to bail your loved one out is called “The Premium” and for bail bonds, in the State of Florida, it is a rate of 10% of the total amount of the bond. This fee is set by the state and cannot be negotiated. Any bail bond agency that says differently is in violation of Florida Law. However, payment plans can be negotiated for up to 24 months.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, in some cases, payment plans are offered for up to 24 months for qualified applicants.

What happens after the bail bond is posted?

The releasing process can be lengthy and is controlled by the jail not by the bondsmen. It could take anywhere for 2-8 hours. We, nor any other agency, have control of the time it takes a defendant to get released. After the defendant is released, he/she will be required to visit our office, which is conveniently located close to jail for additional paperwork.

Who will notify the defendant of his/her court dates?

A court date, if not given to the defendant upon release, will be mailed to them and generally mailed to us. We will keep in contact with your court dates. James Brennan Bail Bonds will contact both the defendant and the Indemnitor for updates.

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