When is Bail Set?

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States and local region courts decide when they will arraign a defendant. That means when bail is set depends upon where a person lives. Most places try to place that person before a judge within 72 hours or less. Of course, this time frame may change depending upon how busy things are, or if it is a holiday, or weekend. However, if the charges brought against the defendant are federal, then the law requires that the person be arraigned in under 48 hours. However, this can still differ on holidays and weekends, too. Why does this matter? This arraignment is when bail is set.

Getting Bail Set Soon

Once bail is set at arraignment, then that bail amount can be posted, which means that person can get out of jail. In some cases, a person doesn’t need to wait so long. There are cases in which the bail for the crime is pre-set. This is a bail schedule, and it means that bail is posted and a defendant gets out of jail prior to seeing a judge. Without this, however, that person has to wait until he or she can see a judge.

All people have a right to see a judge, and all have the right to representation. The time frame for all these processes depends upon the court’s time. However, there are cases in which knowing your rights and what to do can help you move faster.

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