What to Do When You Are Arrested

What to Do When You Are Arrested

If You Are Arrested, Make Sure to Consult with an Attorney as Soon as Possible.

An arrest is usually a traumatic experience. Even if the arresting officer is considerate, the stress of the occasion can lead you to make costly mistakes. Despite all the stigmas attached to an arrest, you must remain focused and pursue certain strategies to protect your freedom, innocence, and/or finances. If you’ve ever wondered what to do when you are arrested, the following tips are a good place to start.


Communication, or the lack thereof, stands as an important factor throughout an arrest. All arrested individuals receive protection under the Fifth Amendment. Beyond your name and address, or the provision of your ID, you have no obligation to speak to the police. In fact, in many cases, it remains highly beneficial to say nothing until you have an attorney present.

Remember the Details

Despite the chaotic circumstances that accompany many arrests, it will behoove you to try and remember as many details as possible. This becomes especially important if you feel the police have done something wrong. A violation of your rights or the use of excessive force can stand as important details that weigh in your favor.

Speak to an Attorney

You should make every effort to contact your attorney, or hire a new one, as soon as possible after an arrest. An attorney will help with a variety of situations, including interrogation, jail release, bail proceedings, plea bargaining, and more.

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