What to Do: Discovering an Outstanding Warrant


Make Sure to Pay Attention to the Dates and Locations of Your Court Appearances.

It’s more common than you know. Sometimes there’s a gap between when a warrant is issued and when it is served. If you’ve recently discovered an outstanding warrant for yourself or a member of your family, stay calm. With these three steps, you can take control of your crisis and address the problem in the best way possible.

Step #1: Reach Out to a Criminal Defense Attorney

Once you hear about the outstanding warrant, contact your lawyer immediately. Your attorney will make sure the warrant is valid and uncover important details about who issued it and when. Most importantly, your trusted lawyer will help you contact the court office and arrange an opportunity to meet with your court official. Sometimes this will allow you (or your family member) to avoid jail time beforehand, but your defense can also arrange the best possible time for your to go to the police (if necessary).

Step #2: Contact a Bail Bondsman

Depending on the severity of the alleged crime, you may need help from a bail bondsman. Once your attorney has informed you of your court date, ask if it would be helpful for a bondsman to join you when the bail price to be set. This will allow immediate payment of your bail and prevent potential jail time before the fee is paid.

Step #3: Take Special Note of Your Court Times

Protect yourself and your finances; make sure you arrive to your scheduled court dates on time. To do so, write down all the locations, dates, and times for your scheduled appearances, then ensure you have a trustworthy ride. Don’t forget to schedule time off with your employer!

You may feel scared about this outstanding warrant, but these three steps can help you make it through the process without any unnecessary stress. If you’d like more information about bail bonds or the arrest process, contact our team at __PHONE__.