Staying Out of Trouble This New Year’s Eve

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Making Sure You Have a Plan On New Years Eve Is So Important.

New years eve, is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. There are a significant amount higher number of accidents on this day than many of the other days of the year. If you get a dui arrest on this day, it is almost always likely that you will spend the night in jail. Many states and counties have no refusal days where you will spend the night in jail if you are pulled over for a dui. These are the times that bail bonds companies won’t be able to bail you out, so it is important that if you plan to drink, that you stay off of the road. DUI charges seem to be a lot more strict on these holidays because more and more people are spending their time on the road after they have had too much to drink. There are no excuses for this action and arrest charges on new years eve are much more common than you think. Holiday safety is our number one priority this time of year so we will discuss a few tips that will be able to help you out this time of year. There is always a smarter way to do something even if you feel that there is no way that you will be able to get home without drinking and driving, there is always a better option.

Holiday Safety Tips

New year’s eve traditions always seem to include some kind of popping of the champagne or drinking every hour until the new year’s eve countdown begins. While this can be great fun, it can also be dangerous for those of you that do not have a plan in place to get home at the end of the night. So many people will drink on this night and then think they are okay to drive, when in reality, they are not. If you plan to be driving this night, make sure you have not been drinking; it is better to be safe than sorry. A few great tips that you should follow are: having a designated driver. Find yourself a friend that will choose to not drink throughout the night. This way you have someone who has a clear train of thought and will be able to get you home safely. You want to make sure that this person can be trusted though because many DUI stories start with, “he was supposed to be the DD, but decided to drink a few”. If you end up being the designated driver, take that responsibility seriously. Another holiday safety tip would be to plan to stay the night. If you plan to go somewhere that is not walkable to your home at the end of the night, ask to stay the night. Sleeping it off will allow you to get back to a sober state and then drive home in the morning, safely. Holiday safety tip number three, call a cab, Uber, or even places like AAA will often advertise for free pickup on new years eve. Take advantage of these types of services, they can save your life and someone else’s. A great way to avoid having to use a bail service this new years eve is to stay home. We know, we know, this sounds boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Have the party at your house and make a whole event out of it. This will keep you safe and your friends will know they have a safe place to stay if they need it. The biggest tip of all is to make sure that you have a plan. Whether you decide to go out or stay in, do not drink without having some kind of secure plan of action.

Benefits Of Staying Home

We know it might seem like the lame choice to stay home on new years eve, but when you consider the holiday safety tips above, it might just be easier to do it this way. Here are a few of our favorite reasons why you should stay home this new years eve.

  • You can go to bed as early as you want. Sometimes it’s just not fun staying up until midnight. Some people have kids or have to go to work the next morning and it isn’t all that exciting to be up that late.
  • You can drink as much as you want. When you are in the comfort of your own home, you can drink and not have to worry about making a fool of yourself or finding a reliable way to get home.
  • It’s a lot less crowded. Anywhere you go, it will be packed with people of all walks of life, so if you are not ready for that, stay home.
  • Your couch is way more comfortable than a barstool. It is great to go out and socialize with friends but on this particular night, chilling out on the couch with a movie marathon on tv can be pretty cool too.

If you end up drinking and driving and get arrested, make sure that you call James Brennan Bail Bonds at 727-531-5000 to help you out. Remember your holiday safety tips this new years eve in Clearwater, FL and have a safe new year!