Common Types of Probation Violation

Probation Violation

A Probation Violation Can Occur for a Number of Different Reasons.

If you’ve been convicted or plead guilty to a crime, probation represents an alternative to jail. Instead of losing your freedom for a set amount of time, you’re afforded the chance to remain free under certain conditions. While the terms and strictures of probation vary with every case, the kind of behavior that describes a probation violation remains the same. If you are on probation, you will want to familiarize yourself with the following.

What Is a Probation Violation?

A probation violation occurs when you break one of the rules of your probation. Your probation officer determines whether or not a violation has occurred, and reports the situation to the court. From there, it falls under the judge’s discretion what will happen. You will either have your probation revoked entirely, have it extended or modified with tougher measures, or receive a stern warning. If your probation is revoked, you will immediately be made to serve your original jail sentence, with no credit for your time on probation.

Common Types of Probation Violation

Missed Appointments: A common term of probation is that you must attend all scheduled appointments with your probation officer, in addition to any scheduled court hearings.

Failure to Pay Fines: If you do not or cannot pay your restitution fees, court costs, and probation payments, you risk violation.

Failure to Complete Community Service: Community service is a common condition of probation. A violation will occur if you do not complete your appointed hours within the given span of time.

Unemployment: Employment represents another common term of probation. If you cannot or will not remain employed, your probation officer could report this behavior to the court.

Failed Drug Test: Many individuals have random drug or alcohol tests as a term of probation. A positive test for a disallowed substance will typically be reported to the court.

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