Can You Pay a Warrant Without Going to Jail?

Walkthrough Warrant

Warrants Can Be Issued For Many Reasons and Take You By Surprise.

No one expects to have to deal with a warrant during their life. However, it can happen to anyone. Warrants can be issued by your court for a number of reasons, including a missed court date, a misdemeanor, and even for traffic violations. While police may not actively seek you out for arrest, it can be embarrassing if you have not been notified of your warrant to discover that you have a warrant and are under arrest when pulled over during traffic. Being arrested can lead to long drawn out procedures to get you processed and even put in jail. You need your freedom to best plan your defense and get ready for your day in court. Luckily, there is a way to expedite a warrant and get you back to your life. Walk through service can expedite dealing with an outstanding warrant, getting you processed and out the same day.

What Is a Walk Through Bail Bond?

When you first discover you have a warrant out for your arrest, looking into walkthrough services can help you get yourself ready before you turn yourself in. A walk through involves contacting a few parties prior to doing so so that they can meet you at the station and handle certain aspects of the warrant beforehand, allowing you to walk in, be processed, and walk out. The people you will need to contact are:

  • A bondsman
  • A criminal defense¬†attorney
  • Family
  • The police station

Contacting a local bondsman allows you to hash out the details of your bail bonds needs beforehand. They can gather information from you and from the police station to discover what your bail is set at and what the best option will be for you. A criminal defense attorney can also benefit you as having them there when you arrive will allow you to make your statement safely and return home. Letting your family know about what is going on allows them to plan and find the best way to help you with the situation. Once you have your affairs in order, contacting the police station will show that not only are you coming to handle your warrant but that you are ready to work with the police and put your best foot forward. Do you need bail bonds services in Clearwater, FL? James Brennan Bail Bonds‘s bondsmen are always available to assist you with your bail bonds needs. Give us a call at 727-531-5000 to get started!