3 Basic Prisoner Rights

Bail Money: Prisoner Rights

If You Have Been Arrested and Is Waiting on Bail, Their Rights Are Protected by the Constitution.

If you or a loved one has been arrested on charges of a felony or misdemeanor, you may feel like you have no freedoms or rights in the situation. This isn’t true because the United States Constitution guarantees certain rights to all citizens, including those in jail or prison. The prisoner rights guaranteed under the Eighth Amendment covers prisoners who have been convicted and are serving their sentence and those who are waiting to post bail. If you’re waiting to post bail, contact the staff at James Brennan Bail Bonds to get help as fast.

Prisoner Rights You Should Know

The two amendments that address prisoner rights are the Eighth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment. Here are the three most basic rights they protect.

Minimum Living Standard
Every prisoner has the right to the minimum lifestyle. This guarantees them time outside each day and nutritious food that is actually edible.

Just Punishment
Under the Eighth Amendment, prisoners are protected from cruel and unusual punishment. This means that the guards or other inmates are not permitted to add punishments to the prisoners time in jail.

Reasonable Accommodations
Prisoner rights guarantee that there will be reasonable accommodations made for prisoners with disabilities or serious health concerns. This includes prisoners with diabetes and all types of physical handicaps.

Knowing your rights is important, and if you ever find yourself arrested for a crime, don’t forget about your right to post bail. Call our office at 727-531-5000 and we’ll help you navigate that process.